15th September 2021


Electric cars have become a hot topic. The cost of entry is now a little more affordable with the clean car rebate and that has brought more people around to considering electric vehicles.

But what do you need to know about charging? Glad you asked. We enlisted the help of an expert, Glenn Inkster, manager of the e-mobility division at Transnet NZ, to talk us through it.

He says there are fundamentally two ways to charge, using either AC or DC power. Confusing the matter, there are many different terms for the same thing. DC is the rapid-type charging that takes place at a public station, sometimes called Mode 4 or Level 3 charging.

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29th July 2021


AA EV charging breakdown van service to be extended

The AA’s first electric vehicle charging breakdown van has been on the road in Wellington for more than a year – giving EVs a roadside boost two to three times a month on average.

The AA Battery Service van launched in late July 2020 to help curb ‘range anxiety’ is fitted with a lightweight EV charger.

In 20-25 minutes, it enables enough charge to drive up to 10km, so AA members can get home or to a nearby charging station.

The response to the van has been fantastic – prompting plans to expand the service to other areas in the near future, AA Battery Service general manager Mandy Mellar says.

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29th July 2021


UK rule change could be groundbreaking for electric cars

The UK has done more than most when it comes to preparing for an electric car switch-up. Its ban on pure internal combustion engine vehicles comes into effect in 2030 (hybrids follow in 2035), five years prior to the European Union’s proposed ban.

It’s not really a surprise, therefore, to read conversations from the UK that are several steps ahead of the conversation. The latest of these concerns public charging and how much it costs.

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26th July 2021



Significant breakthroughs in recycling EV batteries could help the automotive industry tackle criticism that such batteries come with a heavy carbon footprint.

That’s thanks to the effort of extracting mined materials used in their manufacture, Movemnt reports, adding the breakthroughs could make valuable supplies of materials such as cobalt and nickel go further while reducing dependence on China and difficult mining jurisdictions.

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21st July 2021



Heating drains an EV battery faster than any other in-car feature, increasing battery drain speed by 17%.

So says Vanarama which has done a study to find out which in-car features drain an EV battery the most so you can get more kilometres from your EV.

Windscreen wipers and heated seats drain an EV battery 15% faster each – just behind in-car heating.

Satellite navigation drains the average EV’s battery the slowest at only 5% faster.

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17th July 2021

Mitsubishi PHEV charging

Home EV charging: benefits by the numbers

Recently we covered the process of fitting a home EV charger. Though not suited to every EV/PHEV owner, we did look at the benefits, and with my own long distance drive between work and home, and the need to recharger faster on weekends, the appeal of a home EV charger won out due to the need to charger faster than the 1.2kW portable chargers offered, as typically found sitting messily in the boot of most new EVs.

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22nd June 2021

wireless ev charging

The secret to expanding EVs – wireless charging

Wireless charging stations set in the pavement for vehicles to park over are closer than you think, for both cars and heavy transport vehicles. Professors Grant Covic and Nick Long and Dr Doug Wilson explain.

Urgent action is needed to increase the ease of owning and operating electric vehicles (EVs), both light and heavy duty, if Aotearoa New Zealand’s vehicle fleet is to change in time to meet the required targets for greenhouse gas emissions set by the Climate Change Commission.

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