Stephen Savage

Vehicle Sales – New and Used 

DIRECT DIAL: 07 577 3217 MOBILE/TXT: 022 310 9610 EMAIL STEPHEN

A dedicated professional, Stephen has won the Mitsubishi Sales Excellence Award many times. A credit to his product knowledge and rapport with customers. With an empty nest, Stephen enjoys overseas holidays and relaxing with his wife.

Daniel Jones

Vehicle Sales – New and Used 

DIRECT DIAL: 07 577 3232 MOBILE/TXT: 021 1414 275 EMAIL DAN

With youthful enthusiasm on his side, Dan goes the extra mile for his customers. A young family at home in Welcome Bay, Dan comes to work for peace and quiet! In rare moments of recreation, he enjoys playing sport and spending time with his family.

Matt Hetherington

Vehicle Sales – New and Used 

DIRECT DIAL: 07 577 3219 MOBILE/TXT: 0204 021 2115 EMAIL MATT

Matt’s the reason our new showroom needed doors 3 metres tall. A thoroughly nice guy (even if he is Australian), Matt’s well liked by staff and customers and in his spare time enjoys having fun with his wife and young family.

Kelvin Harper

Vehicle Sales – New and Used 

DIRECT DIAL: 07 577 3233 MOBILE/TXT: 0272 545517 EMAIL KELVIN

Alexa Marsh

Service Advisor 

PHONE: 07 577 3212 EMAIL ALEXA

You’ll always get a happy smile and a big hello from Alexa. Experienced and very capable, in her spare time she loves spending time with family and friends, and enjoys fishing and renovating her house.

Mark Pound - After Sales Manager

Mark Pound

After Sales Manager

DIRECT DIAL: 07 577 3210 MOBILE/TXT: 029 272 3249 EMAIL MARK

With a bazillion years of service experience, Mark leads our team of vehicle technicians, service and parts advisors. Knowledge delivered with a cutting wit and a cheeky smile, your vehicle is in good hands.

Carol Riddell

Carol Riddell

Business Manager – Finance Specialist

DIRECT DIAL: 07 577 3218 MOBILE/TXT: 027 464 2320 EMAIL CAROL

With nearly 8 years’ experience in vehicle Sales, Finance and Leasing; not much happens around here without Carol knowing about it! At home on her lifestyle block in the Kaimais, Carol enjoys cleaning and organising (and then cleaning and organising again – she’s a little obsessed). Once that’s done, you’ll find her travelling and spending time with her husband & family.

Renee Congreave

Service Advisor 

PHONE: 07 577 3212 EMAIL RENEE
Aaron Chatfield - Dealer Principal

Aaron Chatfield

Managing Director – Dealer Principal

PHONE: 07 578 0039 EMAIL AARON

Our fearless leader. With a friendly smile and an easy-going attitude he brings out the best in his staff, confident that we will then give our best to the customers. Or we get whipped and locked in the basement.

Dan Angland Marketing Manager

Dan Angland

Marketing Manager

PHONE: 07 577 3231 EMAIL DAN

The sole reason for the outstanding dealership success and the glue that holds it all together. Dan is an absolute Marketing superstar, leaving his collegues in awe with insights and strategies beyond the greatest minds. (Dan also writes the staff profiles)

Tony Bennis

Vehicle Sales Manager

DIRECT DIAL: 07 577 3213 MOBILE/TXT: 027 446 3998 EMAIL TONY

T-Rex, Big T. 35+ years in the automotive industry, Tony’s the man to steady the ship and keep us steaming forward. On the rare occasion that he’s not on-site, you’ll find him doing rediculous speeds down the 1/4 mile, or in in his workshop trying to go faster next time.