The humble tree.

Standing firm through sun and rain, providing homes for native species, cleaning our air and enriching our local environment.

They’re something you can never have too many of.

So working alongside Tauranga City Council and with your help, we’re going to plant 1000 trees in Tauranga before the end of 2020.

Would you like to dig a few holes with us?

We’ll be holding Planting Days around Tauranga in 2020. The Parks and Environment department will decide where and what trees will be most beneficial, and they’ll oversee the day to make sure we do it right!

Many of our staff will volunteer, but we welcome anyone who would like to come along and dig a few holes with us.

Sign up here, and we’ll email you information about when and where the next Planting Day will be.


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First Planting a sunny success at K Valley

It felt like the skies parted especially for our planting day at Kopurererua Valley.

The week prior had been constant rain and everyone involved was amazed the sun came out, almost by divine intervention.